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My buddies!

Caylynn- Used-to-be enemies in 4th grade lol! You go to show that your worst enemy CAN become one of your best friends! Thanks for always being there for me: at The Ring (when i was about to myself), at my house (surviving the rough times with my mom ;) heh), at dance (when Wade scares the CRAP out of us) and etc. And thank you SOOO much for being there for me that one night i almost mutilated my mom :) Nice to know I can count on you in "crisis" situations! Icheewawa! I love you!
April- I know times have been rough for you and you really seem to the world right now (yeah, it's obvious), but I just want you to know that I love you to anyway. You understand me when alot of people don't and you listen when no one else will. Sure sometimes it's been hard (remember the cop with the pumps?) and you can feel like there's no where to go...but remember that i'm still here. P.S. And no I don't think I can play a good drunk person for that spanish play thanks for being so quick to volunteer me...jk!
Rachel- Hehehe. Grounded until May because of that interesting night with all the black people, eh? The lady on the cell phone talking about the doughnuts. Yeah, that one. And i didn't mean what I said on the bus!!! lol. Anyways, I know that you're going through alot sometimes and all I can say is be strong, . I know that may sound really lame, but it's true. Take the advice! P.S. Keep on steppin' and stay away from my foot! P.P.S. Ignore Derek if he makes any more comments about parts of a chicken- even though i laughed my butt off.
Jaycie- Although I don't really know you very well yet, I still love ya gurl! You are soooo bubbly and never get mad that it's scary sumtimes! Are you still in to that Samuel Morris Kennedy or is Jake your only true love? lol! I can't keep up with your lovin' on everyone all the time although it sure makes me laugh! Oh yeah, you rock my face off ! hehehe.
Nikki- I know you really don't like some...ahem..."people" right now and I totally understand where u come from! I feel mostly the same way. I really think your mumbling about it is funny and it keeps me entertained during lunch and at the beginning of chorus days. You are sooo sweet and even though i've only gone to the movies w/ you a few times and only really gotten to know you by the end of the year...i still love ya!!!



Yeeeeeeeah buddy!