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Entry Page

Well since nothing interesting happens EVERY day, I'm not making an entry EVERY day. I'm just writing what I feel when something happens. There may be days, weeks, even a month in between entries.

Friday, May 16

   Wow. My ideas to start an online journal came from today. It all started when my best friend asked me to sleep over one night...
   I am one of those people who always complains about their parents because they are so WORTH complaining about. My freedom is gone when I'm at home, they hate all my friends, and they don't understand me AT ALL! Sounds like what a typical teenager would say though, right? Wrong. They are sooo much worse.
   My friend calls at 4:00 when I get home from school to ask for me to spend the night. My parents made it clear to "have her call plenty of time in advance," so this would give them THREE AND A HALF HOURS to discuss it! They yell at me that I "waited till the last minute" and I definitely won't be spending the night (1st clue of insanity). Then I yell at them at was sooo close to cussing them out. My direct quote was, " I am so fu-, uh, so SICK of this sh-,uh, STUPID house and these stupid rules! You are making me SO pi- MAD right now! I HATE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!" And I slammed the door. Now, I definitely don't have the energy to go into details right now...but let's just say that it wasn't pretty or even CLOSE to it. Damn, I'm gonna EXPLODE!!!!!!!