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Weblog (My Journey Through Central America)

The First Task
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The First Task

Central America- so many things that I had wanted to see... and didn't want to see. Only some countries were possible to visit, so I chose a few.
1. Guatemala
2. El Salvador
3. Nicaragua
4. Costa Rica
5. Panama

Planning in only one day!

Before I could set out on an expedition, the first step was to plan, plan, plan! I already knew that I had wanted to visit Central America, and would choose about five countries. These were chosen based on information that I had received in the past about each country. My final choices are listed above

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On My Way

I used the tripod search above for extra information and travel info before I left. I was about to explore Central America! Little did I know what I would find there...

Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide
Ignore this

Can you guess what I mean?

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