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Lindsay's Personal Site!
My Friends!

Hey everyone! As you can tell by the title of my page (unless you're really dense) my name is Lindsay! I live in the ATL!!! *holla at a playa* lol. NEwayz...

Some things I like to do---
Cheer! (Varsity Basketball Squad)
Dance! (hip hop mostly (7 years) and some jazz (4 years))
Act! I'm in the Actor's Guild type thing at my school and i'm advanced drama :)
Sing! I have been singing for like FOREVER and people tell me i'm really go0d...i don't have a big head but i think i am too!!! ;)

Things I'd like to do for the rest of my life---
Be a DJ, mixin' in da clubs! I LOVE IT!!!
Act in movies! hahaha i really hope i can! I'm good enough I think!
Be a choreographer for singers...doin their routines n' stuff!